In order to create a quality life style and to live a healthier life, some issues come up from time to time. A lifestyle full of sports and an understanding of life in which meditation techniques are applied can bring happiness to people.

We thought if you would like to add a different touch and taste to your holiday. That’s why we added yoga to our sports activities. Exploring your life, the world with a different eye, developing a more aware communication language from your body to your breath, or finding balance…

We offer you an amazing moment that will allow you to retreat and experience new yoga experiences accompanied by the breathtaking beauty of our beach. Hope you have an unforgettable break as soon as possible!

Yoga, is a kind of philosophy of life that is adopted as a principle so that people can have a calm, peaceful and healthy life. With the concepts, movements and mentality of yoga, yoga directly affects the main veins of life.
What is Yoga?

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